Friday, January 24, 2014

Sheng Yen on Corrupt Masters

"I hear stories about the questionable behavior of some meditation master in the West. If these stories are indeed true, then these teachers are not true masters. Nonetheless, they have still served a good purpose in bringing the teachings of Buddhism to the West and giv en many an opportunity they never would have had. The masters' personal lives are their own problems, but people should be grateful to them for their contributions.

Indian mythology speaks of a special swan that can swallow the pure, nourishing cream from a mixture of milk and water, without drinking any of the water. American Buddhists should adopt a similar attitude toward questionable teachers. Study Buddhadarma with them, absorb as much good teaching as possible, and leave the bad karma where you find it.

I hope that you accept and practice the things that you find good and beneficial in my teachings. The parts you do not like, you can just ignore."

~~Chan Master Sheng Yen, "The Sword of Wisdom"

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