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Kundalini Power Given by Guru Causes Serious Problems

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Only with severe stomach ache I publish this letter from a woman whose Kundalini by Sogyal Rinpoche was forced open. I always wanted to contact her because I was concerned just like her, but just by another so-called guru.

"If you read this post and do not agree with the publication, I'll take it from my blog immediately."
I have time in June 2005, when I read this letter and the comments of Trimondis to read for the first time realized that I have been abused since January 2005 as a woman victim. The knowledge of it, my life, saved my sanity. I can write here, I also owe this woman and the Trimondis. And I hope so much that they could free themselves from the bondage tantric, like me.

I have my experiences reflected in the lecture "creation of multiple personality through the misuse of hypnosis and trance techniques in Tantric Buddhism-Tibetan."

This letter, however, is much more directly than in his statement, my analysis. But the content, the phenomena described above are identical.

Letter dated 28/03/1999

Dear Ms. Trimondi and Mr.Trimondi,

First, I would like to express my very sincere thanks to you my appreciation for your great sound work.

Only because I read "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama," do I know now, to my great happiness, what is going on with the energy ball up. In the summer of 1997 in Italy on the one-week course of Sogyal Rinpoche, whom I have known since the autumn of 95, rolled on 2 Evening with a fire puja a ball of energy in my crown chakra. He came on as a shaman: free upper body, with bone chain, large mirror with crown and skull.

On my internal question "What is it?" I hear "protection."

On the last night there we heard a lecture by a Tibetan doctor, and the lama yogi was sitting on a throne.

Suddenly my heart opened up inside, I felt light. Then heard the speech abruptly. Something important had happened. Since then, I experience the constant presence of the yogi in me. There have been separated the inner rooms. But now it is threatening!

I'm apathetic, lethargic and had a buzzing in the ear, and a strong heart and parietal vibrations. In 1998, I could only work half a year, now I reduce my work. After I had read in your book, my heart galloped after 4 days and I heard "Now I'm all in!" I feel threatened by this strange energy that my life estranged. What can I do about it?

Is it possible that this strange energy coming into my heart at all, or is it magical connections?
Can my essence be threatened?

Can anchor themselves this strange power?

In this emergency, in which I am now, is my strong question: How can I rid myself of massive foreign energy impacts?

Do you have advice, or can you recommend me someone who can help me, and can elucidate the mechanisms of this affect me?

In short, to my story: In September 1993 I was at a "power treatment". Shortly thereafter, I experienced a dramatic Kundalini push that went into the electrical equipment.

In October 1993, I met Sogyal Rinpoche in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the conference "Humanistic Medicine". Then my kundalini went to my crown chakra like a fountain. I had never experienced this before.

Retreat in Kirchheim 1993/94 I asked him for a personal appointment to discuss this event but I was not given one. There I encountered Buddhism as an active participant and it intensified my interest when I took part in courses. 1996 in the summer, I was advised due to the crown chakra Lichtkasskade on a meditation course in a very sorry state.

And again I met Sogyal Rinpoche in September at a conference. Three weeks later there was again a retreat, where he announced at a fire puja telepathically, "I am secretly your guru." And I felt something flowed from me, my legs were shaking and it was as if the earth opened.

What happened next is so improbable, shocking, and scary: In the morning when I woke up I was totally exhausted. In December 1997, I was with a friend (she's a doctor, a Buddhist, psychotherapist, and now in a psychotherapy clinic as a patient) in the 17 day retreat on Borodbudur—the stupa with the healer. Since I have been completely different. He used me as an intermediary to other areas. It is my energy that I am now, only through your book, beginning to understand.

In 1998 I met him 3 times. This is possible only by the energy ball that my will, my ego, my entire being occupied, because I did not really. In the summer in Italy, he sat down, with two Indians present, in a trance. I acted on other levels, which I did not even scary (even in the graveyard!).
End of September 1998 began with an initiation Rinpoche ... in the Black Forest. I knew him from Phowa course in 1996, where he carried out a huge fire puja for the dead, and my alarm clock stopped 1 hour! He was very loving to me by the way!

The course was in the Black Forest on September 30, 1998 to the end and on the October 7th cooked my crown formally, so I hung myself in my work a cold cloth. Late in the afternoon 07.10., here at home, I was up to 10.10. with my mind out there.

You have made Phowa. I have no recollection or knowledge of that time. When I came back I heard: "Phowa" and my heart and sternum hurt tremendously. I did do an EKG and had an inflammation of the sternum. Do you think that a 3-day Phowa was in this manner only possible through the ball of energy or is it common practice?

The llamas have is a great power through their "Tantric rituals" and the relationship between all the teachers teaching in the West in effect and manipulation on student track it down yet.

It could be, I think only now that the Energiebehandlerin in where I was and supposedly a "guardian spirit" works, then is totally unable, however, to help me - even knows what she has done, is also used.

If you know the Council, I am grateful.

Warm greetings ................

Our review of the above letter to the editor:

This letter is a very useful document that describes the impact of the Tantric rites to the Enmergiekörper of women. It shows that the inflammation of the candali (Kundalini), or "inner woman" by Tantric masters quite a parallel in the outside world, i.e. in the ignition of a real woman can have, thus confirming one of the fundamental tenets that we at many places on our discuss the book. For example, we write to the "victims of the fire dakini" on page 102 of our book:
"Almost every tantra understands the symbolic burning of" sacrificial goddesses ". These represent all possible properties, ranging from the human senses to various forms of consciousness. Also, the elements (fire, water, etc) and individual body aggregates in the form of" offering goddesses "imagined. By pronouncing a powerful incantation they will find the entire stake. In the so-called Vajrayogini ritual sacrifices of the students several Inana mudras [imaginary woman] a red fire god who rides on a goat. The main goddess (Vajrayogini) appears there with" a red-colored body that burns with the brightness of the 'doomsday fire.' "(Gyatso, 443)

In Tantra the goddesses Guhyasamaya melt even in a fiery ball of light together, to then serve as a sacrifice to the Supreme Buddha. Where does the adept and malignant women harmless through a fire: "Within a triangle leads to the fire victims through .... If we accomplished this for three days, aimed at women as a target, then they can ban it, even to the infinity of three eons. " (* Gaeng, 225) A "burning woman" with the name of the Kalachakra initiations candali plays such an important matter that we will devote an entire chapter to her yet. In this context we also go to the "Inflammation of the female energy" one, a central event in the sexual magic of initiation of Tantrism. ................
What is the intention now is hidden behind a fiery dakini sacrifice? The same as all the other behind Tantric rituals also, namely the absorption of Gynergie to establish the omnipotence of the yogi. The coveted female elixir is wearing its specific name. The adept is called the "heart and soul of the dakini", the "Essence of the Dakini Heart", the "life of the Dakini Heart". (* Herrmann-lien, 342) "The Dakini is the 'conversion' to Protect Religious channels after they handed over their conquerors of their 'living heart'." - Says a tantric text. (* Herrmann-lien, 204)"

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