Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventures of a Tibetan Fighting Monk

This is from Tashi Khedrup's book. "a lama is arrested along with his accomplices and is accused of having made a bomb: 'When the monks of Che heard of the arrests, they decided to free the lama of Reting. They acted very strangely and even as far as to execute their abbot when he tried to intervene.'"

He said that the lamas went to whore houses and it was okay because they could teach the dharma to the prostitutes. He also said that Quan Yin was Tara and that Quan Yin had sex with men because they needed it. How compassionate of her. She "enlightens all the men with whom she makes love."

He also mentions a dob dob who wrote a book that is revealing: Tashi Kedrup, adventures of a Tibetan fighting monk. The Dalai Lama brought him with him to India, and he had murdered someone. by K

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