Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buddhist Horror Flick, Poem


by Charles Carreon

Armies of zombie clergy

Dragging their malas Wielding crowbars

and sacred implements

Led by hordes of vampires

Sangha officers and boards of directors

Engage in gang warfare,

Blasting away at each other

With blazing thunderbolts

Hot chick vampire action figures

Primed for temptation

the new generation

Of Mara's Daughters,

Slick wet look glossy lipsheen

And DiVynyl boot

s Steven Seagal eight feet tall

Whuppin' them demons

One and all

With a platoon of phony tulkus

Done up Shaolin style

Using their malas

To garrote heretics

And Ambu up on the pyre

Screaming louder and louder

While I'm out in the crowd

mistaken for a madman

[Fade to Black]

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