Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kalachakra and Mao's Death?

WHAT has KALACHAKRA to do with MAO'S death?

“VOA Kunleng needs to be more professional

I am a simple lay Tibetan with an unwavering faith in Buddhism. But this Wednesday's VOA Kunleng once again disappointed me.

The respectable elderly monk, former Disciplinarian of Namgyal Monastery, who has the distinction of having lived through receiving the First Kalackakara by HHDL 14Th in Lhasa to this day, may be a good Mandala - cum- ritualistic artist, but not at all good spokesman for Kalachakra. I am disappointed by two unnecessary idiotic comments he made.

1) At the very outset he told without having been asked: "whether Shambala really exists or not, we believe that it exists". Why did he deliberately dichotomize one of the most sacred teachings of Buddha? He sowed a seed of doubt and confusion in the tender minds of the young Tibetans and other Buddhist?

2) What was more unbecoming was the elderly monk's anecdote about how they reported the death of Mao Tsetung to HHDL during the Ladakk Kalachakra- that too by interrupting flow of Kalachakra Teaching. As he proudly narrated the story, there was a gleeful smile of happiness his face. COMPASSION THIS?

3) To me, Buddhism, especially Kalachakra is about attainment of Buddahood by practice of COMPASSION and realization of EMPTINESS through Heruka Yabyum. I may be wrong, but this what a layman understands. This means COMPASSION is the CORE theme here. We are all familiar with HH's teaching about mother-sentient beings where there is no enemy- and the only enemy being one's own deceitful mind. Why the gleeful smile in announcing the death of Mao during the time of Compassion Teaching? hark, hark

And another poster wrote:

“Kalachakra Buddhist deity and Nechung Tibetan state oracle together made Chairman MAO TSEDONG's death, due to the power of regular pujas made by Exile Tibetan community. That is the what Tibetans believe and that is their religion and faith and why they are so fond of Kalachakra Initiations and Deity pujas.”

And another:

THERE IS SAYING BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY IF ONE PERSON DIES IN ORDER TO SAVE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF HUMAN BEING THEN THAT PERSON IS WORTH DYING. MAO'S RULE IN CHINA CAUSED DEATH OF MILLIONS OF CHINESE, TIBETANS, Uygur, Muslims,MONGOALIANS. Thousands of Tibetans died due to Mao's Red army invasion of Tibet, thousands of Tibetans died due starvation caused by Mao's madness "LEAP FORWARD" Man made famine. Thousands of Tibetans, chinese, uygurs, Monoglians were killed during Mao's "CULTURAL REVOLUTION", Tibetans culture, heritage, culture relics, Tibetans houses were plundered by Mao's RED GUARDS. Tibetan Culture Relics were destroyed and Tibet land and Tibetan Culture and heritage is dying under Chinese rule.”

Not every Tibetan believes this, and neither do I. If the lamas were that powerful they would still be in Tibet and would never have left.

I like how one on the forum said:

“30some Kalachakra initiations since post 59', not one "Enlightenment" documented, yet the event grows more popular by the year.”

And yet another death: “Those of you who give credit to Kalachakra 2011 for the "death"n of Ziang Zemin are not only un-Buddhist, adharma and unethical, they are rumour mongers.I am still unhappy and angry with that VOA Kunleng during which that stupid monk of Namgayl Drastang triggered this issue.”

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