Wednesday, July 6, 2011

True Exposition of True Facts of the True Buddha School’s Founder “Living Buddha” Sheng-Yen Lu

I, S H C am willing to expose the true facts of the True Buddha School’s founder "Living Buddha" Sheng-Yen Lu, hoping that his followers/students would know and understand the true facts, kindly do not hate, hurt or be angry with me thinking that I’m slandering or trying to kill their Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu.

I, recall since 1996 while living at Ling Shen Ching Zhe Temple,Redmond,Washington, USA. I could still remember the teachings of the resident Masters,monks and nuns there .Together we practice the teachings of Buddha, I’m glad and pleased with our bondage and advancement during these days. Together we prepare meals and desserts, work, play, do all activities happily and peacefully.

During these 4 years together and getting to know my fellow colleague, we have
come to live together and gained their trusts and faith in me; so much so that
they even share their personal duties.

After gaining the senior’s Master Lian Ning trust and appreciation, I was
transfered to Sheng-Yen Lu’s office "The True Buddha Secret Centre" to work.
And Lu (Sheng-Yen Lu) to be delighted even presents me his personally hand-
written Scripture and also a "Dragon Robe" – which is the Royal Robe of Sheng-
Yen Lu.

The Sheng-Yen Lu cheated me too severely. It is just unbelievable that today I
became known as a lustful woman. If I do not do anything or sue him or let
things be, it will be so unfair to other people and me too. Many people will be
disappointed and many too will misunderstand me, especially most of the Sheng-
Yen Lu’s followers which are so full of enmity - now hating, cursing and
scolding me. They too cannot be blamed as they are in a mist not knowing the
true story, also being misinformed.

In Seattle, Washington State I just do not understand why my case was taken
lightly and later closed my case as the Sheng-Yen Lu is nowhere to be found.

Previously, I had two civil cases lawyers over in Seattle, Washington U.S.A.
whom is very capable and competent trying to bring Sheng-Yen Lu to justice
but failed to as he had already escaped elsewhere hiding. Sheng-Yen Lu then
send his representative lawyer to offer me US$10,000.00 as settlement but
money is unacceptable for me for what I want is Justice and fairness for me and
everyone else that could be future victims.

I did have my lawyer trying to reopen the case as a criminal case but to no
avail as objected by Seattle, Washington police department.

I would like to reveal my case out to the public; get my justice back.

It all begin one day in year 1991,after getting off work, me and my colleague
went to a hair saloon .There and then I was reading a magazine which published
an article - celebrating the Bodhisattva Guan-Yin’s (Goddess of Mercy)
birthday in Penang State, Malaysia. On that day there was a huge spectator
crowd at the double-storey jetty and suddenly due to the overloaded weight,
the structure collapsed, killing many people.

Right away I fell sad, sorry and disappointed that on such a sacred (holy) day
this kind of things could happen taken so many lifes away. Suddenly I fell cold
from the feet up and dizzy wanting to faint. I was then sent to the hospital,
given a shot and return home to rest. Next-day I was unable to get off the bed,
feeling sick all over – very-very sick indeed.

So my mother accompanied me everywhere to find the cure for my weird illness
– all kinds of medical and whoever-else that we heard of is practicing medicine,
but did not cure my illness.

In the year 1992 a relative of mine introduced me the True Buddha School and
thus I become a member.

Then in year 1993 January 07, Sheng-Yen Lu came to Malaysia to the opening
ceremony of a new temple, Tawau, Sabah. That was the first time I met,
whereby I grab the opportunity and beg him to cure my illness. After looking at
my sickness complaint which I’d written, he asks me to kneel before him, and
then he places his palm onto my forehead to give his blessing. He instructed me
to burn more incense and etc-etc and join his group gathering ceremony but did
not tell me more of my illness. During the gathering my three children join the

My illnesses continue to fluctuate on and off; there were several times I
experienced whole-body numbness in the mornings, unable to get out of bed,
mentally struggling to wake up; all in all my illness did not really heal much.

I also did CT Scanning on my brain back in my hometown but did not find any

Finally one day I discussed with my husband on the situation I’m in: "I always
depending on the medicine and still feeling very sick, needing too much rest. I
requested to go to United State of America and beg the Grand Master (Sheng-
Yen Lu) to cure me. The Grand Master said that he could even bring the dead to
life having the uppermost power; could even cure cancer. (As written in his
books). I hope that he the Grand Master can heal my sickness with such powers
of his and if he cannot do so I will accept my faith and destiny".

On July 2, 1996 my mother accompanied me to Seattle, Washington, USA;
during the flight there we get to know many other members from Taiwan and
also someone from our hometown known as Ms. P.

Every Saturday Sheng-Yen Lu accepts Questions and problems from anyone of
the members 4.00pm – 6.00pm at the "True Buddha Secret Centre" (Private
office) which is Sheng-Yen Lu’s office.

Here in Redmond, U.S.A., the first time during the meeting with Sheng-Yen Lu I
was being accompanied by my mother. First we need to write down our
problems/questions together with a red envelope (which is money packet) and
wait in line (outside the office) to meet him. When our time comes, He, Sheng-
Yen Lu looking through, he then gives me his blessings – as usual placing his
palm onto my head. That is all and we were asking to leave.

A few days later my mother went back to Malaysia.

Come next Saturday, again as usual many members were there to meet the
Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu. When my turn comes to meet him, he asks if I
have anything to say. Since I was unprepared, I could not answer his question
and did not say a word. He, Sheng-Yen Lu then asks Monk Lian Ning and
Master Chang Zhi to leave the room (office) and close the door leaving only
both of us behind. Again Lu (Sheng-Yen Lu) asks if I have anything to say to
him. I answer him: "No, but request to cure me.” Lu then replies: "I will help
you." He then asked me if I dreamt of him and my answer to him was no. He
then told me that: "You was a in your previous life and is destined
karma with the Grand Master (Sheng-Yen Lu)."

I then leave the room and met my hometown friend, Ms. P whom asks me what
the Grand Master did behind the closed door. And I answer her that the Grand
Master said that he will help me, that is all I told as Sheng-Yen Lu said not to
talk too much to other people.

When Sheng-Yen Lu he will give me blessings to heal my sickness and every
time he will instruct that he be left alone behind the closed door.

After a month’s stay in the temple dormitory (Ling Shen Ching Zhe Temple-
Seattle Temple), I was pleased with my health improvement, now that I could
get better sleep and my headache is less frequent. So I return to Malaysia.

In 1996 September I came back to U.S.A. to attend the opening ceremony of
the Waken Ray Tseng Temple in Los Angeles. Sheng-Yen Lu encourage all
members to attend more temple mass or prayers gatherings so to repay for the
sins we do, improve ones health. He also asks the members to pray for the dead
to help them to expiate and cleanse their sins and let them go to heaven; include
cat, dog and all kind of the animals.

One day I went to see Sheng-Yen Lu for his blessings. There he closes the door
and took a door-stopper (door wedge) to stop the door behind us as there was
no lock on the door. Then he sits on the floor and asks me to sit in front of him.
He then asks me to allow him to read my palm and he told me that I am very
kind and sincere. He said that I was a "Buddha" being reincarnated. He said that
in my previous life I used to be very close relationship with him. He said that I
was his past life's wife, this present life I am not his wife but am I willing to be
his next life’s wife? He took me by surprise and happy to know about my past
and future life, thinking that I was a Buddha in my past life and given the chance
to be the Grand Master (Sheng-Yen Lu) next life’s wife (he being a Living
Buddha). This means I would be able to help people and feeling lucky that the
Grand Master chose me having his reasons to do so. Believing his words I then
seriously answer him yes I will. He then instructs me to write a vow letter,
telling me word by word to write. He taught me to write: - [I willingly in all my
life be "Living Buddha" Sheng Yen Lu concubine .] Then as instructed the
Sheng-Yen Lu, I personally have to hand the letters to him the next day when
he goes for his lunch.

About 2 weeks I went back to Malaysia. After about 2 month later my
headaches return and I could feel something cold in the centre of my brain. And
every-time I feel sick the cold seems to be spreading out to the whole head. I
would then take the medicine given by the doctor but I could still feel the

In February 1997 I went to U.S.A. again to beg Sheng-Yen Lu to heal my
illness as he did before. One day after blessing from Lu when I was about to
leave, suddenly he came over to me and hug me. I could feel "something" solid
between my legs and I quickly push him away. Then he said he thought I was
his "ex-wife"

Since having such a headache always, I try not to think too much. The Sheng-
Yen Lu taught us to obey the laws of Buddhism; must not have any negative
thought about the Grand Master (Sheng-Yen Lu) or slander the Grand Master.
All the followers must obey and listen the Grand Master’s words and not betray
him. If one rebel and disobey his words, one will be sent to Ah B hell – the
worst of all hell. To break the law is to sin; there will be an "angry god" causing
disasters, one will get a huge payback. (Law no.#3, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14,
#15, #16, #25and #49.)

(Every month during the half-moon and full-moon , the
resident Masters, monks and nuns will learn the laws of the True Buddha School
Laws in the hall of Temple.)

One day I went to meet Sheng-Yen Lu for blessing, there I was asked to read
out the charm – "Ah Mi Tuo Fo". I startled and ask him why and he replies that
I am going to be "Wang Sheng" (dead). He then said he has a way out but not
sure whether it could work or not. He continue saying that his religion greatest
charm is "twin-body practice". I did not answer him because after knowing the
bad death news, I feel frighten and troubled. All this time I have the impression
that he is the "True Buddha" and have always believe in him. With such news, I
am not willing to give up my family, husband and children.

I never dare to think negatively, always thinking of the good things. If the Grand
Master Lu could save me, I would then be able to be with my family. I have
been thinking and considering many days about life being so precious and also
family being so important. I had travel so far to meet the Grand Master Sheng-
Yen Lu to beg his cure and my main reason is to have my illness cured. So I
obediently accept the Grand Master words to be allowed to practice the "Twin-
body" blessing.

One day Sheng-Yen Lu came to the kitchen alone and wave to me to approach
him. I follow him to the dining hall where he sat at a long sofa. I then pay
respect to him, kneeling by his side. He told me to come over to his personal
office "The True Buddha Secret Centre" on Monday at 07:30am. The main door
is not locked so I could just enter. I then nod to answer him. When I was about
to stand up to leave, I notice monk Lian Xu standing by another door. Sheng-
Yen Lu he's leave and I continue with my chores in the kitchen.

That Sunday night, I could not get any sleep, crying the whole night long
thinking about my death. At the same time I was too anxious to learn the
greatest charm from the Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu. At 07:15am everyone in
the dormitory have already left for the temple. So I went to see the Grand
Master at his private office "The True Buddha Secret Centre". On my way
there, it crosses my mind that the main door is usually locked and opens only at
10:00am daily.

Anyway, when I open the door I heard Sheng-Yen Lu’s voice saying: "You are
here!" He then walk downstairs from the 1st floor balcony and lead me by the
hand to his office. He opens his desk drawer and took a golden pen together
with a piece of blank paper. Again he instructs me to write word by word
another vow which is a little different from the 1st letter. [I willingly in all my
life be "Living Buddha" Sheng Yen Lu’s imperial concubine] - Instead of just the
word concubine.

He then lead me again by the hand to the main door, ask me to take my shoes
along and lead me to the 1st floor on the left side room where his private
office/bedroom is. (Rough sketch of room)

I could always remember this day March 11, 1997 where he lead me into his
room and ask me to place my shoes in the restroom. From nowhere he holds a
book where some sentences had been highlighted; being underlined crookedly.
He asks me to read those underlined sentences. Those sentences roughly mean
"the enlightened one" can practice the twin body charm. Since I was too anxious
or confused, I did not really read and understand calmly those sentences. He
then places the book back on the table.

He begins to strip himself and place his robe and clothing on the rack. First his
vest, 2nd his burgundy long sleeve shirt (cheongsam), then his white t-shirt,
next his burgundy "sarong" (long skirt), also his white boxer.

He, Sheng-Yen Lu then instructs me to undress and later lead me by the hand
to the restroom (Sketch of restroom)

He orders me to hold onto the basin facing the mirror with my back facing him.
Then he starts his prayers inviting the gods, goddess, deities and etc, etc and
continues praying. Then I feel him touching my lower body, only then I realize
that the twin body greatest charm practice is sexual intercourse. But after
numerous time of trying to have sex, he failed. He then leads me into the
bedroom whereby he stands there and instructs me to do oral sex on him. Again
he instructs me to return to the restroom and in the same position tries to
penetrate from the back but fail again. He finally gave up hope and informs me
that this time is not possible and will schedule a next time. I quickly dress
myself up and leave the office urgently. I would not dare to tell anyone as doing
so will break the law of the religion. After-all as the Grand Master Sheng-Yen
Lu said before that only this kind of practice will be able to save my life.

On Mar18th 1997, that day I anxiously and over-consciously (looking forth and
back) reach his office where I opened the door and entered. There I heard him
(Sheng-Yen Lu) said: "You are here!" I saw him standing upstairs and order me
to lock the door and come upstairs. I obediently did as I was told: “Took your
shoes along upstairs." Then he leads me by the hand into his bedroom and
locked the door. He starts to undress and instruct me to do the same. Again he
leads me to the bathroom and instructs me to take the same position, holding
the basin with my back towards him and facing the mirror as before. This time
he succeeded to perform the twin body practice. Thus the True Buddha School
greatest charm "Twin body Practice" is no different to having sexual

Later every week Sheng-Yen Lu will performs the Twin-body blessing (make
love) with me; sometimes in the afternoons at the downstairs private office or
in the mornings at the upstairs bedroom. I accept the Grand Master Sheng-Yen
Lu blessing because I hope that the Grand Master could cure me of my illness
and save my life.

After about 2 months, I return to Malaysia but I was unable to face the near
future; feeling confused, lost and fearing for my life. I then turn one of our
rooms in the house into a small temple; placing many Buddhist Idols and
wholeheartedly praying daily, turning myself into a very pious Buddhist
follower. I would hide myself in this room and weep daily, keeping everything to
myself and trying hard not to let my husband and family members know of the
sorrows I’m going through. I’m hurting and suffering very deeply every minute
of my life.

Every time after my trip back from the U.S.A., my health improves a lot; this
makes my husband happier and glad. But every-time my health last for only two
months and my weird sickness returns. Again I will feel so scared, confused and
painful inside. I did ask Sheng-Yen Lu why my health is not totally cured and his
answer was I did not return to him for his blessing.

In February 1998 I return again to the temple and stayed for one and a half
month. Since my conscious pressuring me constantly, I could not take it no
more. Therefore I approach Sheng-Yen Lu and ask him: " Grand Master, you
said that I will be dead soon. Please tell me the exact date." He then wrote on a
piece of paper – [1999 summertime].

I went back to Malaysia and inform my husband that Sheng-Yen Lu pre-informs
me my death-date. I would not even dare to think about my husband’s
perception. My husband and I sell off our business and branches one by one.
Whatever properties I had were then sold off. I then write my last will and also
bought a huge amount of insurances. I also bought insurances beneficiary to the
temple in my hometown hoping to assist any members in distress. After
preparing whatever needed to be done, I just wait for the death-day. All in all it
is because I believe in the words of the "Living Buddha" Sheng-Yen Lu.

In Jun 1998 being in my sick situation again, I went back to the temple to stay
for another three months. I sincerely hope that the Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu
can cure me with a miracle and save my life from death.

One day during July 1998, at 08:15am while walking out from Sheng-Yen Lu's
office, I was spotted by nun Lian Ting (Michelle Chan, Kim Ling-Malaysian).
Around 08:45am after the morning prayers, nun Lian Ting came over to tell me:
"You must not be like this. You will victimize the Grand Master." I then tell her
that I went to get the Grand Master’s blessing but mention nothing about the
"twin body practice". I also told her about my death-date and after hearing such
news she still tell me this: "You cannot meet the Grand Master for blessing
anymore. You have been in there very long. Other Superiors (Masters, Monks
and Nuns) also noted and are aware of your time in there. Even the Grand
Master Lu’s Wife knows about it."

In early August 1998, while coming back from the Canada Ceremony, Sheng-
Yen Lu alone walks over to the alter for incense offering. He then walks over to
me purposely to instruct me to enter the temple’s office room. He then closes
the glass door behind him and informs me to be present on a certain time and
date at his personal office. At that time outside in the office also present were
nun Lian Jing and other nuns.

At the end of August month, my husband came over to U.S.A. to beg Sheng-
Yen Lu to perform a special ceremony for me at the temple; begging Sheng-Yen
Lu to save his loving wife, me. This time my husband became a member of this
religion and we return to Malaysia together.

In 1999 year, I finish preparing most of the things, even took a lot of
pictures/photos with my husband for memories. I went to the extent of
preparing two nun’s uniforms so as to be a nun just before my last breath.
Before, the Sheng-Yen Lu did want me to be a nun which is why I want to wait
till the last minute to fulfill his wish.

On February 26th 1999, my husband accompanied me for the last time to U.S.A.
and stayed for a week, he went back to Malaysia. We reluctantly part and my
husband would telephone me everyday afraid that one day he will not be able to
hear my voice anymore. It is so scary and dreadful just waiting for one’s death.

Every day the 24hrs passes by so slowly and the day seems so long, living in
the temple in Seattle just waiting for the death-day. Who would be able to
understand the situation and condition I’m facing daily. I would write in my dairy
and letters daily to my husband, children, mother, and other family members
also the Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu. Everyday I write non-stop and untiringly;
who could understand the sufferings I go through. Then the Sheng-Yen Lu
would still give me the "twin body blessing" (make love). (One day while
picking up his pillow in the Sheng-Yen Lu bedroom, I notice a piece of jade-
beaded panel that fell out from the pillow.)

During this trip in 1999, a new lock was installed on the office downstairs.
Every-time Sheng-Yen Lu will lock the door to perform the "twin body

In August 1998, a lady member gave Sheng-Yen Lu a piece of her hand-drawn
artwork of the "Four-handed Goddess of Mercy". That was a Saturday night and
many members from everywhere came for our usual practice together with Lu.
Lu then hold-up the drawing to show to everyone present. The drawing was
bright red in color and beautiful but was folded in the centre having a cross-
mark. The Grand Master was happy with it and told the crowd that he will place
the picture in his private room downstairs. In 1999 March, I saw the picture
already framed and hanging on next to the window and above his bed.

On April 21st, 1999, my husband came to U.S.A. again to beg Sheng-Yen Lu to
perform another personal prayer ceremony for me.

This time I stayed for four and a half months and now it is already the July
month. I grew impatient and wanted to go home. So I approach Sheng-Yen Lu
and ask him: “Am I not going to die?" He then replied: " It is my that saved you (he means his penis)." I said I wanted to go home and he
asks me not to go back to Malaysia. Thinking to myself that since I could not
die after this time, of course I want to return home.

On July 14, 1999 I went home to Malaysia. My husband was so happy that he
meets me at my transit flight and accompanies me home which make me so glad
and happy. Back to my home sweet home where my children are, I felt bad to
have neglected them all these years. Also I felt like I owed my husband too
much to have burdened him all this while and to suffer along with me. Now that
we are together as a family again we will have a new start in life.

On August 15 1999, Sheng-Yen Lu came to Malaysia for a ceremony. Out of
appreciation I encourage more relatives and friends to join the temple hoping
that everyone would be blessed.

About two months later my weird sickness returns; why is it that since the
Sheng-Yen Lu claims to be such a high powered "Buddha", able to catch evil
spirits and could cure you with just a wave of his hand. Also in Seattle temple,
United State all these times together with the blessings (greatest charm
practice) with Sheng-Yen Lu, why is it that I’m still not cured? I felt so sad and

I do not want to see him (Sheng-Yen Lu) again since this practice is illegal and
wrong-doing. I did told him before that he is a "Buddha", whereby I am just a
human, thus it is against the principle or law of the religion. He then answers me
"no" and leaves. Also during my stay in Seattle I personally saw some forbidden
scene and heard some forbidden news. I would not dare to think or speak about
it as it is against the "law". Since being a member Sheng-Yen Lu always teaches
us to be obedient and very strict with the "laws". We must not think wrongly
even in ones’ dream. Therefore I became a very pious follower thinking that
when I die I will go to heaven.

I was determining taking more rest and medicine but my headache gets more
serious. I cannot think at all because every-time when I start thinking the "cold
spot" in the brain will begin to spread. So I will begin to be scared and shiver all
over. Even-though I am suffering but I am aware of my condition. At the same
time I am worried and wonder what I should do.

Looks like I have no other choice but to return to Sheng-Yen Lu since every-
time after my trip, I would feel better. Furthermore my visits here to other
doctors had no progress at all. So I decided to go back to U.S.A.

As usual before and after my trips overseas I will visit my friend Ms. P. While
packing for my trip, I receive a phone call from my temple friend Mr. C. He told
me to pay a visit to a "voodoo master" as introduced by Ms. P. He insists me to
go or will ask my husband to tie me up and drag me there as my health condition
would not last till my trip overseas. (Ms. P is a person having a "third" eye –
meaning she has special vision able to see spirits or ghost. She told Mr. C that
she saw a black scary horrible evil spirit.) Since they are so concern about me, I
decide to follow them to meet the voodoo master.

When the night comes, my husband and Mr. C brought me to see the voodoo
master in our hometown. There I was asked to kneel in front of the master and
he asks me whether I want to be cured. I said yes. He then pats my back
continuing till the back of my head. Then I could feel him pulling "something"
out from my head. He then places that "something" into a red packet (envelope)
and instructs us to throw it into the sea or a stream of flowing water. He
continues patting my back, back-shoulder and neck. He then uses his teeth to
pull out a sewing needle. He then tells to me that I am lucky to be there that
day or I will go crazy (putting his finger to his head and circling, showing me the
crazy hand-sign.) He then informs me to go home and rest and to take more
nutritious food to build up my health. When I got back home, my husband checks
and notice a "hole-marked" at the back of neck.

That night I could really think and not feel sick. I remember the things that
happened in U.S.A. Just a plain unknown voodoo master from my hometown can
cure my sickness right away. Sheng-Yen Lu always boosts that he knows how
to cast a spell or undo a spell with his power. (Even his books states so). I start
to wonder why I could not be cured even with the blessings (the so-call
greatest charm) from Sheng-Yen Lu all these years. Also every time I can be
cured for a short period only and need to return to Sheng-Yen Lu now and then.
I feel betrayed and sadness sinks in - come to think of it.

On November 25th 1999, since my air tickets had already been paid and issued
I went to U.S.A., I had already told them beforehand. But this time I only stayed
for a week in the temple. This time I only went for consultancy and did not give
him (Sheng-Yen Lu) the chance for his special blessing.

Ever-since then I am cured from my previous weird illness; my head is clear
and headaches gone, even the cold feeling in my brain is gone. I dare say I’m
already well and healthy.

I would not dare to declare my dismissal from the True Buddha School because
Sheng-Yen Lu used to tell us that whoever that leaves the religion,
automatically the god, goddess and etc, etc will leave that person too. Without
protection from the "gods" one will face lots of disaster or misfortune. I’m also
scared of the power of Sheng-Yen Lu because he did told us before that he was
being asked to kill someone which he did do.

In the year 2000 February, I received a call from Canada informing me that a
lady by the name of Ms. M was hospitalized in Seattle Temple, U.S.A. due to
the heating done by the Monks and Wife of Sheng-Yen Lu. Heard that she was
beaten because of talking too much but she talking truth.

In year 2000 March 5th, I brought one of my sons to U.S.A. to join one of
Sheng-Yen Lu’s ceremony. Since I’m already well I do not wish to have any
contact or connection or sexual relationship with Sheng-Yen Lu, and at the same
time would not want him to suspect anything, so this time I bring my son to
accompany me.

I first arrange to visit Ms. M and was informed that she already had a report
made at Redmond, WA U.S.A. (Report no # 00-3470) and also Vancouver,
Canada (report no # 00-6724 ). But no action was taken by the police.

There was a case before in New York, at the "Buddha Diamond Temple of New
York", once live a monk, Master Lian Lian was assault of rapine 18 girls. Some
members already suspected the incident and had already secretly installed video
cameras whereby his lewd actions were video-taped. Those tapes were then
sent Sheng-Yen Lu in Seattle so that actions could be taken against the monk.
But what Sheng-Yen Lu did was to dismiss him from the temple but did not let
the matters to be handled by the police department. In the year March 2000,
even-though there was a police report by a witness, nothing has been done or
no action taken at all. This case had already been covered up or closed?

There is another case whereby Sheng-Yen Lu was being sued by a Master for
asking her to perform the "twin body" practice and forcing her to leave her
family and children to be a nun. Conceal a lot of guns and couple case of cash.
Again nothing happens.

The Master did tell me many stories about Sheng-Yen Lu. About 5-6 years
ago, Sheng-Yen Lu told her that she was heaven-sent and he said he likes her
very very much. Also said that she is his past-life’s wife. Lu also shows her a
book with some underlined sentences mentioning about the twin-body practice.
Then Lu insists that she practices the charm "twin body" with him but the
Master did not agree to it. Then Sheng-Yen Lu forces her to be a nun and stay
in the Seattle temple. She sadly, reluctantly, weeping but obediently became a
nun. She then went back to her own town to be a nun. Sheng-Yen Lu tried to
persuade her to return to U.S.A., even promoting her to Master. At the end she
became a Master but still decide to reside in her own country.

The above story is just like a knife stabbing into my heart. Looks like he, Sheng
Yen Lu uses the same storyline to cheat woman five years ago. I now realize
that I was being cheated. Turns out to be he had a motif to cheat me. I was
tortured miserably. Also my husband suffered a lot; the stress, the fear, the
pressure, the mentality. How am I to react and face this huge tragic situation?
After all that he has done to me and my family.

If I were to report and sue him, everyone will come to know of my scandal. I
would not dare to face my husband and family. I will loose everything I had and
the future too. But I can never forgive him because he cheated me too severely.
In future he will still carry on cheating others.

In March 11 2000, Sheng Yen Lu attends a great ceremony whereby worldwide
members will be present. During the speech presentation he gave a very scary
talk. Never before did he give such a horror speech which is so frightening and
threatening. I believe he is trying to scare people. (As per tape recording given
to me)

Every year there will be two huge ceremonies over at the “Seattle temple”
Redmond, WA, U.S.A. whereby I will attend. Usually on arrival I will have to
report to the Grand Master (Sheng-Yen Lu). But this time I did not attend or
appear for the occasion, also my previous last stay was for only a week. Also I
did not get back to him for his blessing. So to him it is not normal of me and he
already suspects something amidst.

He (Sheng-Yen Lu) gives a speech to the members present on how to kill a

The only way to treat a stubborn or a hopeless person is to kill. If you love
someone and have mercy and want to send one to heaven, you must first take
his life and then expiate the sins of the dead. This is the 2nd greatest charm of
the religion. He continue saying;- if there is no other way that could assist one,
then the only way is to kill. Giving mercy or influence or wisdom and still not
way out, then the only way is to kill.

"Diamond spell" could make disappear one person. Then take his soul and send
to "Buddha country". Firstly, create the shape of a man (or human being), then
put the man’s shape under one’s seating pad. (Or if you exert the spell, you put
the man under your pad.)

To cast the spell, you must first concentrate, think and imagine the person you
target; - then

His two eyes will move to the back of the brain,

His nose move to the top of his head,

His two ears move to his nose,

His tongue twists back in the mouth, the tongue tip is inside the mouth while the
back tongue faces to the front.

According to Tantric (Religion), all the organs on his face are all moved. When
you succeed in doing this, this person does no longer exist. When his (the one
being cursed) tongue is twisted, he cannot talk. But according to this
spell/curse, it is the charm of killing others.

Once, my grand master taught me to learn and practice Buddha’s Diamond Peg.
(When you practice and pray with this peg, it will give you power) The priest
gave me the peg, and told me if I met some bad and evil person, you pray using
the Diamond spell. I did not practice; and I told him I would not practice it.
Whether I will practice or not in the future, I will decide it later.

In the preaching, Lu further told the followers (attendees) that:

When I put "you" under my seat and twisted all your facial organs (eyes, ears,
mouth, nose), I pray using the Diamond spell, using the Diamond blaze along
with the Diamond club, I can draw your soul to my front, and watching your
head coming off, blood are black in color, flowing out. I can see all your internal
organs decaying, some hell workers coming to grab your intestines, grab your
liver, grab your heart, grab your stomach, and then tear them into pieces.
Although it is a fierce killing spell (charm), but if I really do it this way on to
you in the future, I guarantee that I will lead you to Buddhist’s Kingdom (the
peace and eternal land).

When "Horse Head King" (a Buddha) descends from the sky, or the entire
Diamond gods descend into your body, you will exhibit the Diamond face
(image). When you have the Diamond face (image), you (start to cast the
prayers), by holding the Diamond peg, and all other spell-casting devices. You
can exert your killing command when you hold these devices. With the killing
command, the command uses the Diamond fire, burns your target (the person
you want to kill) away, burns him to ashes. Uses wind to blow all ashes away,
grab your soul, and then send you to the West Happiest land of the Buddha
Kingdom. All the Buddha attendants, Diamond gods come and press you on the
ground, press your heart and don’t let it beat, tear your intestines, liver,
stomach, kidney into pieces, chop your head out and black blood flow out. Make
all your facial organs twisted (ear, mouth…..etc). (The Horse Head King spell-

In this way, I can teach you another method (spell). You let (make) him sick. It
is good to make him sick, make him sick. When you pray to "HHK" and ask him
to make that person sick.

If you want this person to get well, it is easy. You recite the "HHK" curse
100,000 times, no need to be 100,000 time, it’s OK to recite 10,000 times.
When you recite 10,000 times, the power of the prayer transfer to this person,
then he will get well. This is a kind of punishment too.

Just like you make this person sick first, then he will regret and admit his fault.
When he admits his wrong doing and correct himself, you have to recite 10,000
times the "HHK" charm towards him, to make him come back (return to this
world). When he gets sick, he become dumb and cannot speak, you watch his
tongue (with your mind concentrated on his tongue), and recite 10,000 the
HHK curse, the curse resonance (exert spell) to this person, then he will get
well. (Refer: - Mar11, 2000 videotape of speech recorded.)

After watching this tape, I realize and feel very sad and disappointed that he
could use such a charm on someone.

I completely realize the whole situation; He, Sheng Yen Lu is an evil wicked
monster cheating, conning your wealth and a sadist rapist. So I decide to report
him and sue him because I believe he, Sheng Yen Lu is not a true Buddha. Even-
though he has special powers I believe the good will always beat (win) over the
evil. I believe god will protect me.

On Mar 14th 2000, I made a report to sue him, Sheng Yen Lu the founder of the
True Buddha School. (Repot No # 00-004667.)

The prosecutor told me that I have a good case and said that he will arrange a
certain time to apprehend him. The police also said that a warrant will be applied
and issued by the superior but when the time comes and passed by, I tried to
contact the police but get no response at all. I left many messages but receive
no return call.

On April 09 2000, Sheng Yen Lu announces his retirement from the public. I
tried to contact, fax letter and leave message with the police but they did not

Then he disappears into hiding, only then the police contacted me for a meeting.
May 11th, I brought along my lawyer for the appointment. During the meeting,
the prosecutor said that the police will not accept this case and also will not
bring the case to court, which means there is no case at all.

May 19th 2000, the police again notify me by fax to go for another meeting .
After the meeting my lawyer concludes to me that it is pending prosecution .
During the meeting I was informed that there is no forceful proof to prosecute
the case as rape. Also Washington State’s law will not interfere with any
relationship between the Religion chief and the followers. Also I was informed
that since he is a "well-known" person they are afraid of the media. I was
unable to accept the prosecutor’s superior’s excuses. My lawyer did ask "him"
whether it has to do with the election which is coming. But he denied it. I then
ask; if there is another same situation case whereby another rape victim wants
to sue him that came up, how will you handle it? His answer to me is: “the
same. We will not take action against him (Sheng-Yen Lu)." I then answer
him: "You are now breeding a monster – to rear a tiger to court calamity."

Then my lawyer advices me that I should have brought along a lawyer when I
want to make my first report. Only then the police will not be able to take the
case lightly and closes my case. As I could not afford further lawyer’s fees, I
could not re-appeal my case.

Nov 16th 2000, Sheng Yen Lu wrote in the True Buddha School newsletter a
story about "a pair of silver chopstick". (Silver chopstick is a poison tester)
mentioning that his student follower wants to kill him. His motif is to create
hatred and anger for his members.

The follower’s reactions after reading the article entitled "A pair of silver
chopstick":- After going through the article, my whole body stiffened. It
seemed I was stunned by an explosion. I felt sad, dismay and irritated in a
helpless state….I was confused with indignation and my shock was over-
whelming by internal anger. Grand Master is the protecting Guru of hundred
millions of sentient beings. Therefore, injuring the Grand Master is equivalent
to disrupting the Dharma Wisdom of the sentient beings…..( In the True Buddha
School Newsletter dated of Dec 14, 2000 and Jan 4, 2001) And another
followers writing indicating that certain students were going to harm our Grand
Master. Initially, he was shocked to learn such news, but deeply enraged
subsequently. Should the attack come from the outsider, we would forgive them
for their less understanding on our Grand Master. But from our own students is
trying to harm our Grand Master, Thus he/she is committing an unforgivable sin,
by sending him/her to hell eternally is not enough of a punishment.

Dec.07th 2000, my civil-case lawyers’ arrangement with the media together
with reporters.

This tragedy reaches everywhere worldwide except for Malaysia which knows
or hears nothing about it. Why?

Sept 20th 2003, I thought I meet a righteous person called Ms. Chai. (She was
the one that video tape the New York rape case by Master Lian Lian.) I told her
about the case but she starts to scold me (non stop) in Cantonese. She scolds:
"You do not have any tape recording proof or other evidence and you are only
creating a story to slander the Grand Master. You are disgraceful. Hearing you
speak will dirty my ear. Will beat you up whenever I see you." That really
frightened me because everyone seems to think that I want to destroy their
Grand Master (Sheng-Yen Lu). They are very angry, scolding and wanting to
beat me up. I am afraid that their members will hatefully beat me up anytime so
I made a police report Ref: 72 PCT #67031.

These documents are not written properly; still I hope it is understandable. The
whole story and words are true. Maybe this "Real Person and True Incident"
story might cause certain members of the "True Buddha School" to be pissed
off and hate me more but I just want the truth to be known!

By S H C

May 10th, 2004 Monday

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