Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gopi Krishna's Criticism on Tantric Sexual Practices

Gopi Krishna

It is strange when I ask myself a question and then find it soon in another book. I was thinking that there was no way for seminal fluids to go back to the brain. My thoughts were that it was just imagined just as chakras are imagined. But today as I was reading the book, Living with Kundalini in order to find the dangers of the practice that I had read about 20 years ago, I found this on tantric practice. Of course, I didn't know what he was talking about years ago; sometimes I wish I still didn't.

from his book, Living with Kundalini:

In his chapter on Stumbling Blocks he writes: "There is a class of hatha yois who resort to another type of deception to instill respect and awe among mosty rustic villagers in order to serve their own ends. Vajroli mudra is a hatha yoga practice, which is alleged, confers on one of the powers to reabsorb seminal fluid after its emisson and even to suck up the genital secretions of the female partner i the act of coition. In fac, thee is a general impression prevailing both in India and in the West that the exercises experienced in the sexual act by retntion of the seminal essence and its re-absorption into the system. Some modern books are avidly read by reading beguiled into the belief that such secret methods do exist...
In the same way, the capacity to suck up fluids through the penis or the vagina does not previde the possibilty of ttansmitting the absorbed material to the brain. The very idea that this can happen is preposterous. The utmost that can be achieved when the suction is applied will be to draw up the fluid into the urethra in the case of the males, or into the urethra and the fallopian tubes in the female. But from there, the gross secretions can find no passage to reach the brain. The utmost that can happen is that part of the material sucked up would be absorbed into the blood and part ejected out again at the time of micturation.

The futility of wasting precious years of life to gain this sill, highly extolled in some works on hatha yoga, is therefore obvious...The only harvest of such unnatural practices is to draw the individual further away from illumination by creating unhealthy habits with consequent morbid reactions in the system.

Energy is drawn from every part of the body through the nerves lining the genital organs to meet the highly increased demand without interruption. If interruption occurs, the consequences can be dangerous in the extreme."

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