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Dalai Lama Gets Served

(Note: I have no idea who this lama is or what happened to his case. I imagine it went nowhere, but it is an interesting read.)

Ken Starr - Style Investigation on the Dalai Lama.
By Lama Shree Narayan Singh - on his own personal initiative alone! 

This complaint for criminal prosecution against the accused has been filed in the court
of Justice Prem Kumar, at TEES HAZAARI COURT , DELHI , INDIA on
18-9-1998 and bears the number 41/1 of 1998.
Notice was issued to the Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi on 19-9-1998 .
Due to oversight the following has been omitted from the text of the complaint:
1. That the C.I.A of U.S.A has been aggressively pursuing its anti-India agenda for last 50 years as known to all.
2. That recently declassified US Govt. documents have shown that C.I.A has been funding the Dalai Lama extensively, as reported in the LA Times.
3. That clearly the C.I.A continues to fund the Dalai Lama in his unceasing efforts to undermine the integrity of the Union of India, as may be deduced from the above.
4. That the Dalai Lama has absolutely no locus standii vis a vis the Indian Constitution , as he is a plain simple refugee, and the Govt. of India needs to explain to Indians as to why , in spite of the above, he is being promoted by it and why it is spending US$ 25 million or INRs. 1 billion of the tax payers money on him every year.
5. That the Dalai Lama has no right or authority under the Constitution of India, neither is he a law unto himself, nor does he have any business to interfere in the right of freedom of religion granted to Indians in India by the Indian Constitution, by telling them as to who may or may not be an authentic Buddhist Master for them to follow!
6. That it is peculiar that the Govt. of India is taking no creative initiative in the installation of His Holiness the XVIIth. Gyalwa Karmapa, and even though it knows of the existence of a genuine Indian incarnation it is letting the country be guided by the diktats of Tibetan refugees, such as the Dalai Lama, in this sensitive issue, thus making these refugees in effect the masters of the country's future.
7. That in keeping with their modus operandi, the Dalai Lama and his cohorts will
probably try their level best to exterminate me, and may even succeed in doing so.
I met a traveler from an ancient land who said "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert. Beside them a shattered visage lies which tell That its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive stamped on lifeless things!
And on the pedestal these words appear 'My name is Dalai Lama -- Supreme amongst Beings, The Omniscient One, the Upholder of Virtue - the Gelugpa!'
Nothing besides remains ... Beyond, the vast and lonely sands stretch far away !" adapted from Ozymandias by P.B Shelley.
The following is the text of the complaint:
Shree Narayan Singh
Son of late Babu Raghubar Narayan Singh
Resident of 'Uddiyana', Dalip Mahal, Mohalla Purabsarai, P.S . Kotwali,
P.O Town Municipality and Distt. Munger, Bihar ….. Complainant
Son of late Tsering Tendu @ late Dondrup Tsering,
R/o Sherab Ling Monastery, P.O. Sansal, P.S. Bir , Distt, Kangra, H.P.
At present at: Tibet House, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
Son of not known,
R/o Dharma Chakra Centre, P.O. Rumtek Monastery,
P.S. Ranipool, Distt. Gangtok , Sikkim .
Son of not known,
R/o Thekchen Choling, P.O. McLeod Ganj, P.S . Mc Leod Ganj,
Dharamsala, Distt.Kangra, H.P.
At present at : Tibet House, Lodhi Road , New Delhi .
Son of not known, Elder brother of accused no 3,
R/o Thekchen Choling, P.O . Mc Leod Ganj, Dharamsala, Distt.Kangra, H.P.
Son of not known, Ex-Chief Minister of Govt of Sikkim,
R/o P.O. and P.S. Ranipool, Distt .Gangtok, Sikkim.
Son of not known, Joint Action Committee
R/o P.O., P.S. and Distt. Gangtok, Sikkim.
7. SONAM TOBDEN of Martam,
Son of not known, R/o P.O., P.S. and Distt. Gangtok, Sikkim.
U/S 107, 120, 120-B, 121, 124-A, 153-A, 153-A, 153-B, 465, 467, 470, 471 of I.P.C.
[Indian Penal Code].
PROSECUTION AND INVESTIGATION THROUGH C.B.I. [Central Bureau of Investigation, Govt. of India.]
Main body of the complaint to be found in the next sub-title.
Those interested in greater details are requested to send US$ 50 or equivalent by Banker's Cheque/ International Money Order/ Postal Order to
Lama Shree Narayan Singh,
'Uddiyana', Dalip Mahal,
Munger 811 201, Bihar, India.
This would cover approx. 150 pages of investigations and documents which will be sent Registered Airmail or Federal Express as conveniennt.
Please e-mail your comments to:
Connected URL : now defunct.
The complainant most respectfully submits as under :
1. That the complainant is an Indian citizen , resident in India and a law-abiding citizen of India.
2. That the complainant has an immense amount of love and affection for his country and is loyal and patriotic to the core.
3. That the complainant is extremely concerned about certain divisive and schismatic forces working within the country, attempting to divide and break it up and involves both Indian Citizens as also Tibetan nationals resident in India as Refugees.
4. That the complainant is a direct disciple and devotee of His Holiness the XVIth. Gyalwa Karmapa of Dharma Chakra Centre , P.O. Rumtek Monastery, P.S. Ranipool, Distt. Gangtok., Sikkim, who died in 1981; as also of His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche also of Rumtek Monastery, who was killed in a mysterious car crash near Siliguri, West Bengal, 26-4-1992.
5. That subsequent to the demise of His Holiness , the process of the selection of his re-incarnation in accordance with the established norms of Himalayan Buddhism, began in earnest.
6. That Sikkim is an integral part of India .
7. That Accused Numbers 1 and 2, together with the other co-accused have hatched a conspiracy to bring about the dis-integration of India by bringing about the amalgamation of the State of Sikkim with the Tibetan Autonomous region of thePeoples Republic of China.
8. That the Hindi Daily, Hindustan, dated 24th Aug 1998 published from New Delhi by Hindustan Publications, 18 K.G Marg, New Delhi 110001, contains an article in Hindi, at the bottom of page-1 and continued on page 2, by Sri Jaishankar Gupta, dated 23.8.1998 titled "Rachaa Jaa rahaa hai Sikkim ko Bharat se alag karane ka Shadayantra " ( A conspiracy is being hatched to dis-member Sikkim from India), hereby annexed as Annexure "1" in original Hindi; and Annexure "2" - its translation into English done by this complainant.
9. That The Asian Age, an English Daily , dated Sep. 6, 1998, published from New Delhi by Media Asia Pvt. Ltd., 210, Surya Kiran, 19 K.G Marg, New Delhi 1100 001, contains an article written by Rezaul H. Laskar titled : 'Pro-China Monk let into India', hereby annexed as Annedure "3" to this complaint.
10. That it is stated in these articles, that Accused No. 1 has been permitted on 4.8.98 and 5.8.98 by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, to re-enter India , in spite of his proven records of anti-India and pro-China activities and against whom C.B.I enquiry no PE-3(S) /94-DLI regarding purchase of land is currently in progress.
11. That the Deletion Circular No, 3/98 dated 4.8.98 and Lookout Circular No. 10/98 dated 5.8.98 both issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India, clearly mention the involvement of the accused no 1 in 'Anti-India Activities' and 'the issue of the succession of Karamapa'.
12. That a confidential report No. SH/4(2)/CS dated 24.5.97 written by Sri Shreedhar Rao, IAS, Chief Secretary of the Govt of Sikkim , submitted to Sri T.S.R. Subrahmanyam , Cabinet Secretary, Govt. of India, deals with these matters as mentioned in Annexures '1' to '3' in great detail , and points out that the Accused Nos. 1 to 7 in this complaint are either directly involved in this conspiracy or are abetting it through the misuse of the tenets, norms and traditions of Himalayan Buddhism.
13. That after the death of the said His Holiness, the XVIth Gyalwa Karmapa , Abbot of Dharma Chakra Centre in 1981 as stated above, on 19.3.1992 , Accused No. 1 produced in Rumtek Monastery , Sikkim a 'Prediction Letter' said to have been written by His Holiness the XVIth Gyalwa Karmapa in his own hand and bearing his signature and seal. A photo copy of the said 'Prediction Letter' and its analysis derived from a book titled ' Th e Karmapa Papers' and also in the possession of the C.B.I and others is hereby annexed as Annexure '4'.
14. That based on this purportedly authentic ' Prediction Letter' but one obviously forged , for reasons given in Annexure '4', Accused No. 1, in connivance with the other co-accused and in conspiracy with the Chinese Govt. has recognised a Chinese Tibetan boy Thrinlay Dorje, resident in Tibet, as the XVII th. Gyalwa Karmapa and have applied to the Govt of India , New Delhi to grant him a Visa to come to Sikkim15. That this Urgyen Thrinlay Dorje is officially recognised by the Govt of China as being the XVIIth. Gyalwa Karmapa. The Govt of India has not recognised this boy as such.
16. That various government agencies , such as the Central Bureau of Investigation , Intelligence Bureau, Research and Analysis Wing , Defence Intelligence and so on, have compiled large dossiers on these accused , and implicate them in the misuse of religion to promote sedition and disaffection towards the Union of India in Sikkim , Himachal Pradesh , New Delhi/Delhi and else where; but they have not been properly prosecuted under the Cr.P.C. [Code of Criminal Procedure] and the I.P.C. [Indian Penal Code] as applicable until now, hence this complaint.
17. That resultantly, the disciples of His Holiness the XVIth. Gyalwa Karmapa , have become sub-divided into two factions - the one loyal to India and peace-loving under the guidance of His Holiness Shamar Rinpoche; the other Anti-Indian , Pro-Chinese, violent and aggressive under the leadership of all the accused in this complaint, and include amongst them various anti-social elements - smugglers, those indulging in sexual abuse of children principally in the monasteries of all accused and engaged in child slavery as per report hereby annexed as Annexure "5" published in Times of India, Patna edition, May 31, 1995, by one Malick Asgher Hashmi.
18. That under the leadership and direction of Accused Nos. 1,2,5,6,7 and abetted primarily by accused nos. 3 and 4 members of this Anti-Indian, Pro-Chinese faction have forcefully evicted the genuine resident monks of the Dharma Chakra Centre , Rumtek Monastery, Gangtok , Sikkim, and have illegally taken complete control over this monastery , its assets and also the priceless possessions of His Holiness the late XVIth Gyalwa Karmapa with the intentions of transferring them to Tibet surreptitiously.
19. That similarly on 17.3.94, all the accused persons, organised an attack on the premises known as the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute at B-19 , Mehrauli Institutional Area, New Delhi 110 016, which has been video-recorded and is known to the Government.
20. That the accused herein are severally and jointly accused of (a) Forgery, (b) Sedition against the Union of India, (c) Misuse of religion to incite riots and sedition in India, (d) Child Slavery, (e) Sexual abuse of children, (f) Abetting in the above, together with various other offences which may be given or found in greater details in dossiers in the possession of the various Govt agencies as mentioned in this complaint.
21. That as mentioned above, on 26.4.1992 H.E. Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche of Rumtek Monastery , Sikkim and the Dharmacharya of this complaint, had been killed in a mysterious car crash , near Siliguri , West Bengal suspectedly caused by sabotage , but never investigated into properly by the Govt of Sikkim or any other agency.
22. That it is stated herein that this Dharmacharya was killed through the conspiracy of all the said accused persons in the connivance with the Govt of China and as a precursor to the recognition of the imposter Urgyen Thrinlay Dorje as the XVIIth. Gyalwa Karmapa carried out with the express intentions to misuse
religion to fulfill the aims and ambitions of the Govt of China in India particularly in the entire Himalayan and sub-Himalayan regions, ranging from Jammu and Kashmir [in the northwest] to Arunanchal Pradesh [in the northeast of India], where Accused Nos. 1 to 3 are held in high esteem and worshipped as Gods who can make no mistake whatsoever. It is clear here that Accused Nos. 1 to 3 are as culpable as any other human being and come within the preview and jurisdiction of the laws of this land and may be punished in accordance with the provisions thereof.
23. That Accused No. 5 had brought his personal mechanic from New Delhi to Siliguri in order to tend to the German made BMW car owned by this Dharmacharya H.E. Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche around April 23, 1992. This vehicle had been brought to Siliguri from Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim for maintenance by the driver and other attendants of the Dharmacharya. Subsequent to the maintenance work carried out by the said mechanic of Accused No. 5, during the first test drive of the car on the morning of 26.4.1992, the car crashed into a tree killing the said Dharmacharya and three [actually two] other occupants - only one survived to tell the story, fabricated or otherwise. Details of this car crash are contained in the documents of various Government Agencies such as the C.B.I.
24. That the said news articles as published from New Delhi/Delhi as mentioned above have been circulated throughout India and rest of the world, as also the article published in Times of India , Patna Edition , hence this hon'ble court has the jurisdiction to try and entertain this present Criminal Complaint.
25. That Govt Agencies such as the C.B.I., I.B., R.A.W. , Defence Intelligence and others as mentioned above have all the details concerning the activities of these accused as alleged herein , but it is strange that until now no effort has been made by them to institute criminal proceedings against them in spite of having definitive information concerning them.
26. That it is pertinent to point out here that Mr. William Clinton , President of the United States of America, said to be the most powerful man in the world is being actively investigated and prosecution processes are being initiated against him on charges of perjury,misuse of power, obstruction of justice and so on which might even lead to his impeachment for having had extra marital relations. However, in this country, people guilty of such a heinous offence as high treason, are moving around scot free and even enjoying the protection of the Govt of India and various State Governments. It is also amazing that the I.P.C. [Indian Penal Code], does not contain any provisions for indictment. arraignment, conviction and punishment for high- treason and for which the principles of British Jurisprudence, U.S. laws or other International Laws will need to be invoked and applied.
27. That considering the laxity shown by the said Govt. agencies in matters of such severe implications such as High -Treason and so on as alleged in this complaint, this complainant has no alternative remedy except for filing this complaint before the Hon'ble Court.
28. That hence this hon'ble court may be pleased to take cognizance of these offences and subsequently may be pleased to give directions to the C.B.I to prosecute the accused in this complaint , together with other sections of the I.P.C. as may be applicable to the accused severally and jointly in accordance with the reports and detailed information in the possession of the C.B.I and others and in accordance with the law of the land.
It is therefore prayed that this hon'ble court may be pleased to pass an order to grant the prosecution against the accused persons and may have them punished in accordance with the law of land and so on in order to preserve the integrity of the country in the spirit of patriotism and in the interests of justice.
Place: Delhi, Dated: 18.9.98 Signature
Complainant - Shree Narayan Singh
Through Sri Triloki Nath, Advocate
Currently Dr. Surat Singh, Advocate, B.C.L. [Oxon]; LL.M. [Delhi] Gold Medalist; Doctor of Laws - LL.D. Harvard, USA; Tel. #s Off. 643 4218, 621 3894, Chamber 338 3533, Res. 644 1366, Fax 91-11-642 0005, Mobile 9811 42163 is handling the matter.
Due to his non-appearance Jan 13, 1999 in this matter, the case was dismissed for default. He had been bribed by the Nobel Laureate to have this case dismissed. A complaint against him in the Delhi Bar Council # 32 of 2000 was sent to the Disciplinary Committee Sep 27, 02 for further action.
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